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Do you think it is too late to change your life?  Are you stuck in a career that you couldn’t imagine restarting?  Are you in a relationship that doesn’t feel connected anymore?  Are you looking to enjoy your sexuality and your relationship with your sexuality even more deeply?  Is orgasm something that feels unavailable to you?


Are you feeling like a victim of your own circumstances?


Each of the scenarios listed above are stories and situations that I have found myself trying to move through.  I had accepted a life of mediocrity–one that felt okay, at best.


Do you find yourself searching in the wellness and spiritual community seeing phrases that sound amazing but feel unattainable?  “Taking your power back.”  “Fall in love with yourself.”  These are all phrases that felt so far away from where I was that I didn’t even know where to start!


I am here to assure you that you are welcome with me, exactly as you are.  You are welcome with me in all of your beauty and joy, but also in your pain.  I am here to witness the parts of you that you want to celebrate and the parts of you that you still need to acknowledge and find love for.


I am excited at the opportunity to witness your journey.

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Three years ago, I wanted to start a podcast (Still on my personal list of desires!).  I knew I wanted it to be about healing and spirituality, maybe sex, but that was all I knew.  During a morning soak in the tub one day, the name The Intuitive Unraveling popped into my brain.  I ran downstairs and wrote “The Intuitive Unraveling” on my white board.  Underneath it I wrote  “be a student of the journey.”  I spent the next several years digging and learning. I took the time to become quiet with myself and when I did, I felt the aliveness of my womanhood and sexuality.


As I was searching to understand the direction my calling was taking me, I stumbled into a woman named Layla Martin and took a leap of faith–jumping both feet into her very intense VITA Coaching program.  I was given a rich toolbox full of different ways for you to connect to your sexuality, pleasure and manifest the life you desire!


The Intuitive Unraveling is meant to be a space where you can be witnessed and find the path to seeing yourself for the pure radiance that you are.  I am not here as a magic solution–work is required on your behalf.  If you are ready to commit to yourself and to this work, magic is available to unfold!


"I met Christine at a
retreat she was co-facilitating
and was immediately taken with her energy, vibrancy and warmth. She creates a space around her which opens the door for others to feel fully welcomed, seen, heard and
supported which is beautiful
and rare."


What is a Sex, love and Relationship Coach anyway?  It is exactly what it could mean for YOU!  My work is there to help clients connect with their desires and really feel what having them could feel like!  I support people in discovering their own wants, desire and also uncover the ways that the same people are preventing themselves from having those desires!  Have you ever found yourself questioning "Why me?!  Why do bad things happen to me?  Why do good things happen to those around me, and I’m still struggling?!" 

I believe that the answer to these questions really lies inside your body.
In my work, I open a container for my clients to really feel their emotions, deeply–  Experience them, but not become them.  I hold a safe, controlled space for clients to dive in.  In my experience, when we resist our emotions, we keep ourselves in the same cycles and patterns.

Safety, love and compassion are the three main words we will use when we discuss our time working together.  You and I will move into our work committing to really surrender to the process, while also remaining grounded in our own individual safety and cultivating a space of love and compassion.  I value your vulnerability and am honored that you are willing to trust me in the process of tapping into your true essence.

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